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5km run preparation

Progressive 5km Run – On Park Run Saturday

My Training - webmaster - October 13, 2017

I am writing this post a little late because I’ve been busy with work lately. So Saturday the 7th I took on…

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Hill Running Analysis & selfie

Hill Repeats on Day 4 of Running Comeback

My Training - webmaster - October 8, 2017

  Day 4 was interesting day as I chose to do a different workout. Besides from the ordinary 30 minute run which…

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selfie on 66min walk around ambleside, TAS

The Benefits of Walking on Recovery Days – every day doesn’t have to be Running!

My Training - webmaster - October 7, 2017

  Day 3 of my return to full fitness saw myself taking a break from running and doing a long walk (..Time…

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River Road - Flat Running Course Tasmania

Running Comeback Day 2 – Getting Stronger!

My Training - webmaster - October 6, 2017

  Day 2 saw an improve from day 1 by a long shot. I still completed the same amount of time of…

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first run back thumbs up

Running After the Flu – Day 1 of Comeback!

My Training - webmaster - October 4, 2017

Intro: After a few days of setting up this blog, I am now finally able to write up this post. I am…

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